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FLAT FEE MLS (Limited Services)

Alternative Realty’s Flat Fee MLS Marketing program lets you take advantage of your local area REALTOR®’s network.  You will have virtually every REALTOR® in your locality promoting your property while retaining the right to sell “By Owner” and pay no commission.  Alternative Realty’s flat fee only applies to the listing side of the transaction.  You pay a flat fee to be listed on the MLS and have access to limited real estate services.  The $499 listing fee does not apply to the buying side of the transaction – only the listing.  If a real estate agent is involved (if an agent procures your buyer), you will have to pay that agent’s broker a commission at the time of closing.  The buyer’s agent would be entitled to typically a 2.5% - 3% commission* for the co-broke fee.  Most traditional real estate listing contracts will charge you the full commission even if you (the seller) obtain a buyer – even if you obtain a family member as the buyer!   If you sell on your own, directly to a buyer without a real estate agent, you pay NO commission!    *This commission figure is used only as an example.  Please note commissions by law are always negotiable.

  • Realtor.com
  • Zillow.com 
  • Homes.com 
  • Trulia.com
  • And Many More Real Estate Sites...

$499 MLS Listing Plan
- 6 month MLS listing
- Up to 25 Photos on the MLS 
- Alternative Realty's For Sale Sign & Lockbox (if needed)
- Indivdualized Listing Appointment with Jane @ Alternative  
- Free Comps from the Local MLS
- Showing Scheduling & Feedback
- Don't Pay a Commission if a Real Estate Broker is not Involved
- Local Brokerage Websites
- Personalized Attention
- Free Listing Changes

Setting up the Listing.... The process is very easy.  Most of our sellers live out of the area.  If you can't be there, we can email paperwork and set up the MLS listing quickly and smoothly.  We go out to your property to collect MLS data and take pictures.  We can speak with you on the phone or meet you at the property.  We are flexible and work on short notice.

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